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About Silver Leos
History of Silver Leos

In January 2009, Texas A&M University-Commerce offered a graduate-credit memoir writing class, free to those age sixty-five or older, through the Department of Literature and Languages and taught by Dr. Fred Tarpley. Having formed a bond and desiring continued camaraderie with like-minded individuals after the course was completed, the thirty-seven classmates decided to start a writing club. Organized to provide a forum for the enjoyment of writing, Silver Leos Writers Guild bylaws were adopted on July 14, 2010. In 2011 the Texas A&M University-Commerce Alumni Association accepted the guild as a chapter of the Association. Membership is open to any person age twenty-one years or older who is interested in writing. The group meets on the second Wednesday of each month, January through November, in the Alumni Center on the A&M-Commerce campus to critique members’ work, discuss writing techniques, and hear programs about writing and publishing presented by invited authors and educators.  

To date, the guild has published three books, Memories of Old E.T., a collection of memoirs from former university students when it proudly wore “East Texas” in its name, and Non-Fiction/Fiction, Transitions between Reality and Imagination, a class project that stemmed from a study of the assimilation of non-fiction and fiction, took manuscripts from first draft to published book, and featured works by members of both the class and the guild. A third anthology of short stories featuring compositions by members of the guild, former students of three non-credit, no-cost writing classes taught by Dr. Tarpley, and colleagues of Dr. Tarpley’s invited at his request to submit works will be released in late 2014.

The guild has hosted seven one-day writers’ conferences and one workshop concentrating on the use of the comma.

New Officers for 2017-2018 are:
Sharon Feldt, President
Vicki Griffis, Vice President
Suzette Doescher, Secretary
Arlan Purdy, Treasurer

July 2016 through June 2017

Arlan Purdy

Vice President:
Sharon Feldt

Beverly Croydon

Clyde Key

Past officers:

From organization to 2011 
LaVonne Wells, president
Earl Stubbs, vice president
Shirley Moore, secretary
Barbara Kersey, treasurer

2011 – 2012 
Vivian Freeman, president
Bobbie Purdy, vice president
Shirley Moore, secretary
Barbara Kersey, treasurer

2012 – 2013 
Avon Acker, president
DeWayne Bethea, vice president
Shirley Moore, secretary
Brian Dowsley, treasurer

2013 – 2014 
Brian Dowsley, president
DeWayne Bethea, vice president
Betty Montgomery, secretary
Shirley Moore, treasurer

2014 – 2015
Bobbie Purdy,  president
Vivian Freeman, vice president
Betty Montgomery, secretary
Shirley Moore, treasurer

Bobbie Purdy, president
Vivian Freeman, vice president
Beverly Croydon, secretary
Clyde Key, treasurer